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If you’re worried you have a termite problem in your home or business call us right away. We’ll come to inspect and confirm whether you do and provide a free quote. We’re fully qualified in termite inspection, treatment, and protection.

What are termites?

Termites are very small and extremely destructive. They can sometimes be referred to as ‘white ants’. Whatever you call them, it’s a huge problem when you have them in your home or business. If they’re not managed properly by a pest control professional, they can damage the structure of a building.

Signs of a termite infestation

Termites don’t like the open. They like protected spaces that are dark and humid which is why they’re so hard to find. Unfortunately, when it comes to Termites, you usually only know you’ve got a problem when it’s too late.  This is why regular termite inspections are so important. We would recommend once a year and only by a qualified, licensed termite control person.

The termite trail

More often than not, it’s the damage that’s spotted before anyone sees any actual termites. Here are a few common things to look out for which will warn you of a termite problem:

  • Hollow sounding or thin, papery timber
    Termites eat from the inside out which means if they’re eating through the timber in your building, it will become hollow. When you knock on the wall, it will sound hollow and be very weak.
  • Your foot or vacuum cleaner goes through the skirting board
    Because they’ve made the structural timber so thin it doesn’t take much pressure to punch a hole through it.
  • A window or door suddenly seems hard to open or close
    A tight-fitting door or window is another sign. As they munch through your timber it comes out the other end in the form of ‘mud’. This coats the timber, trapping heat and moisture, causing it to expand.
  • Cracked cornices or door jams
    The loss of structural integrity caused by the termites munching through the timber causes cracks to form.
  • Termite tunnels
    To protect themselves, termites create ‘mud’ tunnels. This often hidden under gyprock or underground, making it hard to see. It can also be found in the brick foundations.

Do you recognize any of the signs?

If you have any concerns or suspicions call Michael on 0420 222136 immediately to book a termite inspection.
He will advise what the best course of action is and devise a plan for your circumstances.


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