Spider control and treatment

There are some things that we can be so thankful for in Australia. Spiders are definitely not one of them. In fact, we have the most dangerous spiders in the world. Now, whether you love them or hate them because of this fact alone, it’s best to act immediately if you think you have a problem.


What to do if you find a spider

Spiders like dark, secluded areas in the house or in your garden. If you can be sure they’re not one of the deadly or dangerous ones, it’s best to leave them. But if you have even a shadow of a doubt call us immediately and we’ll send out a technician to help identify and remove them.

Spiders become more active during the colder months of Autumn as they start looking for mates. They are more likely to come out of their hiding places during this time until they either die off or hibernate for winter.

Where and what to look for

  • Spider webs – The most obvious sign is a spider web but the size and shape of this will vary depending on the species. Some may be orb-shaped while some could be funnel shaped.
  • Burrows – Some spider species live in burrows rather than webs.
  • Crevices – Some species roam freely, finding crevices to live in.
  • Moist environments – such as basements, sheds, walls and other damp locations
  • Food sources – ants, flies, other spiders, lots of insects. If their food supply in plentiful, then there’s a good chance there’s a spider there feasting.
  • Dark closed off spaces – think of cupboards, attics, corners of walls/ceilings, closets, and boxes.

Pestaguard Spider Treatment and Control

We offer treatment for spiders in homes, schools, eating establishments, and offices. We can treat the inside or outside, or both. We start by treating windows, doors, under eaves, pergolas, washing lines, and fences.

Any spider treatment can take up to 2 weeks to be fully effective and it’s virtually impossible to eliminate every single one. The treatment will help to keep the spiders under control and make sure that they don’t multiply into an even bigger problem.

We offer a 4-month warranty with all of our treatments and will send you a 12-month reminder when your next treatment is due.


When’s the best time to treat for spiders?

The best time to treat your property for spiders is Spring. This is when they start to lay their eggs in silk sacks. Each sack contains up to 1,000 eggs and who wants that many baby spiders crawling over their ceiling!!

Do you recognize any of the signs?

If you have any concerns or suspicions call Michael on 0420 222136 immediately to book a termite inspection.
He will advise what the best course of action is and devise a plan for your circumstances.


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